GSAf General Assembly

During the CAG28, the GSAf General Assembly will be held to elect a new council. There will also be a discussion and selection of the institute that will host the next colloquium of African geology (CAG29).

GSAf members are the only ones legally allowed to vote during the general assembly. We, therefore, invite you to renew your membership or join the society by registering and paying the membership costs at:

Submit your nomination to join the council to:


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the 18th Geological Society of Africa (GSAf) General Assembly meeting will be held on  8 July 2022 at 15:30 hrs Morrocan time  in main hall of the conference  

Agenda items

  1. Convening of the meeting
  2. Reading and adoption of the minutes
  3. Matters arising from previous minutes
  4. President’s Report on GSAf activities
  5. Report by Secretary General
  6. Report by newsletter
  7. Treasurer’s report
  8. Membership Report
  9. Constitution amendment
  10. Code of conduct adoption
  11. Elections
  12. Handover from old council
  13. CAG 28 Bid
  14. Other business