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Day 3 : 8 July 2022
Plenary Conferences

9.30 am: Salah El Ekhfifi, Libya
Case studies and review of the petroleum system evaluation in the Miocene succession of the Tethys basin of the Mediterranean region (LIVE)

10:15 am: Tamer Abu Alam CloudEARTHi: using Big Data in Earth and Environmental Sciences – EIT HEI Initiative in action (LIVE)

11.00 am: Amel Barich
Geothermal Emission Control (GECO) Project – A new step towards cleaner geothermal energy production (LIVE)

Theme: Geothermal Energy/ Fossil Fuels

11.45 am: Interdisciplinary approach and geodynamic implication of the Gouttitir geothermal system (Eastern Meseta, Morocco) Jeddi, E. et al.

12.00 am: The D.R.Congo facing the exploration and development of its geothermal energy Mukandala, P., S. et al.

12.15 am: Impact of thermal conductivity of Central and Eastern Rif units on conductive thermal field REDOUANE, M. et al.


Theme 10: Fossil Fuels: Coal and Hydrocarbons

12.45 pm: Sedimentology, depositional environments and hydrocarbon potential of the Maastrichtian-Paleocene Araromi Formation, Eastern Dahomey (Benin) Basin, southwestern Nigeria Oluwajana, O., A. et al.


Room 2

Engineering Geology

11.45 am: Cartographie de la susceptibilité aux glissements de terrain par la méthode de régression logistique basée sur un SIG : cas de la ville d’Al Hoceima BYOU, T. et al.

12 am: Rock Hazard Management in Low-Cost Road Projects, Case of Massive Landslide by Gravity Toppling – Taza Province, North-East Morocco CHERIFI, H. et al.

12.15 am: Finite Element Method For Schist Rock Slope Stability Analysis Using Generalised Anisotropic Material Model – Case Study On The RR510 Road Cuttings – Northern Morocco CHERIFI, H. et al.

12.30 am: Exploiting crushed sand for designing passive barriers in landfill sites DEMDOUM, A. et al.

12.45 pm: Seismotectonic implications of northern Morocco through fault plane solutions of recent moderate local earthquakes EL MOUDNIB, L. et al.

1.00 pm: The use of seismic refraction method to locate hard rock, where to install seismometers for the new seismological network of Al Hoceima, Morocco El Ouai, D. et al.

1.15 pm: Caractérisation physico-mécanique des marno-calcaires dans la région de Taza, Maroc ETTAYEB, M. et al.

1.30 pm: Valorisation avec la chaux des marno-calcaires à caractère évolutif dans la région de TAZA, MAroc ETTAYEB, M. et al.

1:45 pm: Contribution of aeromagnetic data to structural modeling and hydrogeological study of the High Basin of Guir (Eastern High Atlas, Morocco) NOUAYTI, A. et al.

2.00 pm: Using cylindrical concrete waste as an alternative aggregate for sustainable construction industry RAINI, I. et al.

2.15 pm: Mouvements de Terrain dans le périmètre Urbain de Ghafsai (Rif externe, Maroc) SAHRANE, R. et al.

2.30 pm: Prediction of blast-induced ground vibrations and their influence on the structures and environment: case study TAHIR, Y. et al.


L’exploitation du bruit vibratoire ambiant comme outil d’investigation des aléas géologiques (cas des glissements de terrain) TEBBOUCHE, M., Y.


Day 3 : 8 July 2022
3.00 pm: The 18th conference of the Geological Society of Africa

Agenda for the GSAf General Assembly