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Day 1 : 6 July 2022
Morning: Welcome addresses and Plenary Conferences
9 am: Opening ceremony

10 am (Plenary Conference 1): Abdellah Mouttaqi – ONHYM, Morocco
L’industrie minière africaine: défis pour un positionnement dans les chaines de valeur mondiales/The African mining industry: challenges for positioning in global value chains (LIVE) 

10.45 am (Plenary Conference 2): Prof. David Manning. UK. OCP-UM6P
“How will minerals feed Africa in 2050? (LIVE)”

11.30 am (Plenary Conference 3): Prof. Abderrazzak El Albani (University Potiers, France)
Life history: A new perspective in the understanding of the emergence of multicellularity (LIVE)

12.15 pm (Plenary Conference 4): Dr. OZLEM ADIYAMAN LOPES. UNESCO-IGCP
UNESCO and Geosciences for 50 years: Evolution from East-West male researcher collaboration to global outreach with gender equality, and a perspective for a sustainable future for our planet while connecting with the Earth Heritage thanks to the International Geoparks Programme with a special focus in Africa (LIVE)

Theme 1: The making and growth of the African crust through geological times.
 Precambrian Africa

2 pm: Keynote conference 1: Synthesis of 10 years research studies on the southern Morocco (Reguibat shield and the adjacent Oulad Dlim Massif – Faouziya Haissen et al. 

2.30 pm: Keynote conference 2: An outline of the metamorphic evolution of the Oulad Dlim Massif (western margin of the Reguibat Shield) – José F. Molinaa et al. 

3 pm: The first report of detrital Paleo-Archean U–Pb ages in quartzites from Tadoumet Terrane (Hoggar, South Algeria) – Arab, A et al. 

3.15 pm: P-T path and geochemistry of Tiléouine garnet-bearing metanorites and their geodynamic implication in Western Hoggar, Algeria – BENDIMERAD C. D. E et al. 

3.30 pm: On the geology and petrology of the 3.48 Ga Barberton komatiite suite, South Africa – Grosch, E., G. et al. 

3.45 pm: Preliminary investigation on the P-T path of garnet-bearing mafic rocks of the Neoproterozoic Ougda magmatic complex, Tuareg Shield, Algeria – BENDIMERAD, C.D.E et al.

4 pm: Structural study of Aïr Precambrian basement: geotechnical impact on the uranium mining and social buildings in Agadez region (North Niger) – Baraou Idi, S. et al.

4.15 pm: Caractérisation pétro-structurale des enclaves des granitoïdes édiacariens du Saghro oriental (Anti-Atlas, Maroc) – Outaaoui, O. et al.

4.30 pm: L’Ediacarien de l’extrémité Sud-Ouest du massif de Saghro (Anti-Atlas Oriental, Maroc). Un exemple de volcanisme calco-alcalin à caractère orogénique et post-collisionnel – Zahour, R. et al.  


Zircon U–Pb ages and geochemistry of the Oued Tamoussift tonalite from the Bas Draa inlier (Western Anti-Atlas, Morocco) – Askkour, F. et al.


Theme 1: The making and growth of the African crust through geological times.
Phanerozoic Africa – Paleozoic events

5.00 pm: Etude et modélisation de la structuration profonde du bloc cotier, corrélation entre l’analyse morophostructurale et les donnees aéromagnétiques – Bouazama, I. et al  

5.15 pm: Pétrogenèse du sill de Boucharmit (NE du Massif Central Marocain) – LAGUENINI, F. et al  

5.30 pm: New petro-Geochemical data on Carboniferous mafic rocks in the Achemmach area (NW Fourhal basin-Moroccan Central Massif) – Mezougane, H. et al  

5.45 pm: Caractéristiques pétrographiques et structurales du massif granitique varisque de Moulay Bouazza (Maroc Central) – Oudy, A. et al.  

6.00 pm: Évolution structurale de la province des ’’Younger Granites’’ du Mounio (Gouré, Sud-Est Niger) – SANDA CHEKARAOU, M. M. et al  

6.15 pm: Reconstitution of the tectono-stratigraphic evolution through successive extensional Paleozoic events from the Southwestern part of the Ougnat massif (eastern Anti-Atlas, Morocco) – Taadid, M. et al.  

6.30 pm:Evolution of the late Hercynian events in the Jebilet Massif (Western Meseta, Morocco) – Geodynamic implications – Zouicha, M. et al  


Les roches magmatiques du district minier de Tighza (Massif Central Marocain): Caractérisation pétrographique; géochimique et mode de gisement – Toumi, M. et al


Theme: Paleobiology and paleoenvironment: “Ancient life, from the origin to the present”

2 pm: Early biomineralization and exceptional preservation of the first thrombolite reefs with archaeocyaths in the lower Cambrian of western Anti-Atlas, Morocco
Azizi, A. et al.

2.15 pm: The turtles (Sauroposida, Chelonii) fossils of the Phosphates of Morocco (Cretaceous-Paleogene): state of the art and paleoecological implications
Belgarn, A. et al.

2.30 pm: Systematic Revision of Archaeocyatha of Western Anti-Atlas of Morocco; Preliminary Results
El Bakhouch, A. et al.

2.45 pm: Evidence of Ediacaran continental biota from Ougnat massif, Anti-Atlas belt, Morocco
El Kabouri, J. et al.

3 pm: Microbially induced sedimentary structures and stromatolites in continental setting: evidence for continental-adapted life in Ediacaran rocks of the eastern Anti-Atlas, Morocco
El Kabouri, J. et al.

3.15 pm: The Ouled Abdoun phosphate deposits (Morocco): a unique window on the origin of modern African mammals
Gheerbrant, Emmanuel

3.30 pm: L’estuaire du Saloum: Evolution des paléoclimats au cours des derniers millénaires et valorisation Géopatrimoiniale
GUEYE, A. et al.

3.45 pm: Contribution de la flore de Diatomées dans l’évolution du milieu et du paléo-milieu du Lac Rose (Sénégal, Afrique de l’Ouest)
GUEYE, A. et al.

3.30 pm: New ichnological analysis of the lower Carboniferous, Tighdouine region, Hight Atlas of Marrakech
Ikiss, K. et al.

4 pm: Foraminiferal and Microfacies Analyses of the Upper Cretaceous-Paleogene Successions in the C1-65 Well, SE Sirt Basin, Libya
Khalifa, A., K. et al.

4 pm: Reconstruction of the Moroccan Atlantic margin’s Quaternary environments
NAIT HAMMOU, H. et al.

4.15 pm: New record of Hyloidichnus trackways from the Middle and Late Permian strata of Argana Basin, Morocco
Rmich, A. et al.

4.30 pm: News on the ichnofaunal record of the Permian Ikakern formation (Argana basin, Western High Atlas, Morocco)
Rmich, A. et al.

Themes: Meteorites and Impact Craters/Geoheritage and Geotourism in Africa

5 pm: On the origin of Fe-metal in the polymict eucrites Errachidia 002 and Northwest Africa 11911: effects of impact shock and mixing on the surface of (4) Vesta
Shisseh, T. et al.

5.15 pm: Évaluation quantitative de la géodiversité dans le territoire du Géoparc M’Goun, Haut Atlas Central (Maroc)
Elkaichi, A. et al.

5.30 pm: Ichnological heritage and geo-educational significance of dinosaur and pterosaur tracks in the Anza coastal tracksite (Morocco)
Lkebir, N. et al.

1.15 pm: Geological heritage of Tiout
Mghazli, K. et al.

5.45 pm: Inventaire, caractérisation et cartographie des géosites pour une valorisation géotouristique, cas des commune de Zaouiat cheikh et Oum Lbakht, Moyen Atlas, Maroc
Mouaddine, A, and Bouzekraoui, H. (presenter)

6 pm: Moroccan geological, archeological heritage and sustainable development: Example of the Tafilalt region (Eastern Anti Atlas, Morocco)
Oukjane, M. et al.

6.15 pm: Examples of geodiversity in the province of Chefchaouen (Northern Rif, NW Morocco)
Oudaras, L. et al.


Valorisation des potentialités géo-touristiques du patrimoine naturel du Haut Atlas de Marrakech Wakass, S. et al.”


Theme: Geological Resources for conventional and new fertilizers in Africa

2 pm: Keynote conference. Nepheline as a source of K for crop growth: how Rift Valley rocks can mitigate nutrient imbalances
Dr. Annock G Chiwona (LIVE)

2.30 pm: Fertility of soil submitted to intensive agriculture in the semi-arid region of Morocco
Bel-Lahbib, S. et al.

2.45 pm: Contribution of the analysis of borehole, gravity and VES data in the study of the geological structures of the Bahira basin (Central Morocco)
Charbaoui, A. et al.

3 pm: Étude comparative des phosphates du domaine atlaso-mesetien et saharien: Indications sur le fonctionnement du système phosphogénique marocain au Crétacé supérieur-Paléogène
NGUIDI, M., A. et al.


La série phosphatée du bassin de Meskala : analyse des faciès et minéralogie
AIT BIHI, A. et al.


Theme: Hydrogeology and water sustainability in Africa

3.30 pm: Artificial neural networks (ANN) for simulation and modeling of groundwater quality characteristics in the western Rif region
Fattah, G. et al.

3.45 pm: Effectiveness of combining MRS, ERT and TDEM geophysical methods for aquifer exploration in phosphate basins (mining districts of Khouribga and Youssoufia, Morocco)
Ihbach, FZ. Et al.

4 pm: Insights into the deep structure of the western Bahira basin, central Morocco: Inference from geophysical and borehole data, and hydrogeological implications
Jaffal, M. et al.

4.15 pm: Impact of infiltrating irrigation water on Doukkala Plain aquifer in Morocco using stable isotopes and hydrochemistry, in the context of hydro-agricultural management and climate change
Jamaa, H. et al.

4.30 pm: Integrated geophysical and geological data to study the Jurassic aquifer structure of Tisserfine basin in eastern high Atlas of Morocco
Jilali, A. et al.

4.45 pm: Modeling of water erosion in Korifla Watershed
Lamane, H. et al.

5 pm: Assessment of groundwater vulnerability to pollution in semi-arid areas: the case of the Triffa plain (Eastern Marocco)
Ourarhi, S. et al.